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Wednesday Bible Study- Matthew

C1412 04/02/14 Matthew Introduction & Background Text Audio
C1413 04/09/14 Matt 1:1-17 The Genealogy Of Jesus The Messiah Text Audio
C1414 04/16/14 Matt 1:18-25 The Virgin Conception Text Audio
C1415 04/23/14 Matt 2:1-12 The Reception Of The King Text Audio
C1416 04/30/14 Matt 2:13-23 The Prophecies Of The King Text Audio
C1417 05/07/14 Matt 1 & 2 The Genealogical & Prophetic Evidence Of The King Text Audio
C1418 05/21/14 Matt 3:1-6 John The Baptizer Text Audio
C1419 05/28/14 Matt 3:1-12 The Preparation For The King Text  
C1420 06/04/14 Matt 3:7-17 The Baptizing Of The King Text Audio
C1422 06/18/14 Matt 3:13-17 The Presentation Of The King Text Audio
C1423 06/25/14 Matt 4:1-11 The Character Of The King Text  
C1424 07/02/14 Matt 4:12-17 The Ministry Of The King Text Audio
C1425 07/09/14 Matt 4:18-25 The Authority Of The King Text Audio
C1426 07/16/1 Matt 1:1-4:25 The Presentation Of The King Text  
C1427 07/23/14 Matt 5:1-12 The Sermon On The Mount Text Audio
C1428 07/30/14 Matt 5:1-12 The Beatitudes Text Audio
C1429 08/06/14 Matt 5:11-16 Salt & Light Text Audio
C1430 08/13/14 Matt 5:17-20 That Generation's Requirement for Kingdom Entrance Text Audio
C1431 08/20/14 Matt 5:21-26 The Law of Murder Text Audio
C1432 08/27/14 Matt 5:27-31 The Law of Adultery Text Audio
C1433 09/03/14 Matt 5:31-32 The Law of Divorce Text Audio
C1434 09/10/14 Matt 5:33-37 The Law of Oaths Text Audio
C1435 09/17/14 Matt 5:38-42 The Law of Retaliation Text Audio
C1436 09/24/14 Matt 5:43-48 The Law of Love Text Audio
C1437 10/01/14 Matt 6:1-8 The Giving of Alms and Prayer Text Audio
C1438 10/22/14 Matt 6:9-15 The Model Prayer Text Audio
C1439 10/29/14 Matt 6:16-18 Fasting Text Audio
C1440 11/05/14 Matt 6:19-24 Wealth Text Audio
C1441 11/12/14 Matt 6:25-34 Seek First the Kingdom/Worrying Text Audio
C1442 11/19/14 Matt 7:1-5 Judging Text Audio
C1445 12/17/14 Matt 7:6-12 Disseminating Truth, Prayer, and the Golden Rule Text Audio
C1501 01/07/15 Matt 7:13-14 Enter through the Narrow Gate Text Audio
C1502 01/14/15 Matt 7:15-20 Beware of False Prophets Text Audio
C1503 01/21/15 Matt 7:21-29 Building on the Rock Text Audio
C1504 01/28/15 Matt 8:1-11:1 The Credentials of the King Text Audio
C1505 02/04/15 Matt 8:1-17 The Kingdom Program Miracles Text Audio
C1506 02/18/15 Matt 8:18-22 The Costs of Discipleship Text Audio
C1507 02/25/15 Matt 8:23-9:8 The Kingdom Condition Miracles Text Audio
C1508 03/04/15 Matt 9:9-17 Jesus' Program of Discipleship Text Audio
C1509 03/11/15 Matt 9:18-34 The Kingdom Restoration Miracles Text Audio
C1510 03/18/15 Matt 9:35-10:4 The Discourse on Kingdom Missions Text Audio
C1511 03/25/15 Matt 10:5-15 The Mission to Israel Text Audio
C1512 04/08/15 Matt 10:16-23 The Mission to Israel Future Text Audio
C1513 04/15/15 Matt 10:24-31 Do Not Fear Text Audio
C1515 04/29/15 Matt 10:32-42 Characteristics of Committed Disciples Text Audio
C1516 05/06/15 Matt 11:1-6 John's Question Text Audio
C1517 05/13/15 Matt 11:7-19 John's Eulogy Text Audio
C1518 05/20/15 Matt 11:20-24 Pronouncements of Woe Text Audio
C1533 09/30/15 Matt 11:25-30 The Invitation to Learn New Truths About the Kingdom Text Audio
C1534 10/07/15 Matt 12:1-8 The Growing Conflict between Jesus and the Pharisees Text Audio
C1535 10/14/15 Matt 12:9-21 The Irreversible Rejection of the King Text Audio
C1536 10/21/15 Matt 12:22-32 The Unpardonable Sin Text Audio
C1537 10/28/15 Matt 12:33-45 The King's Rejection of That Generation Text Audio
C1538 11/04/15 Matt 12:46-13:1 Jesus' Rejection of That Generation Text Audio
C1539 11/11/15 Matt 13:1-3, 10-17 The Discourse on Kingdom Parables Text Audio
C1540 11/18/15 Matt 13:4-9, 18-23 The Parable of the Sower Text Audio
C1601 01/06/16 Matt 13:24-30, 36-43 The Parable of the Tares Text Audio
C1602 01/13/16 Matthew 13:31-35, 44-46 The Parables of the Mustard Seed, Leaven, Treasure and Merchant Text Audio
C1603 01/20/16 Matthew 13:47-52 The Kingdom Parables Text Audio
C1604 01/27/16 Matthew 13:53-58 The Despised of Nazareth Text Audio
C1605 02/03/16 Matthew 14:1-13a The Beheading of John Text Audio
C1606 02/10/16 Matthew 14:13-21 The Feeding of the 25,000 Text Audio
C1607 02/17/16 Matthew 14:22-36 Jesus and Peter Walking on Water Text Audio
C1608 02/24/16 Matthew 15:1-20 Tradition and the Word of God Text Audio
C1610 03/09/16 Matthew 15:21-28 The Canaanite Woman from Tyre Text Audio
C1612 03/23/16 Matthew 15:29-39 Healing and Feeding of Gentiles Text Audio
C1613 03/30/16 Matthew 16:1-12 The Corrupting Influence of False Doctrine Text Audio
C1614 04/06/16 Matthew 16:13-20 The Confession, the Church, the Keys, and the Kingdom Text Audio
C1615 04/13/16 Matthew 16:21-28 Suffering Leads to Glory Text Audio
C1616 04/20/16 Matthew 16:28-17:13 The Transfiguration Text Audio
C1617 04/27/16 Matthew 17:14-27 Principles of Faith and Taxes Text Audio
C1618 05/04/16 Matthew 18:1-14 Humility Text Audio
C1619 05/11/16 Matthew 18:15-20 Honesty Text Audio
C1620 05/18/16 Matthew 18:21-35 Forgiveness Text Audio
C1621 05/25/16 Matthew 19:1-12 Divorce Text Audio
C1622 06/01/16 Matthew 19:13-26 Children and the Rich Young Ruler Text Audio
C1623 06/08/16 Matthew 19:27-20:16 The Parable of the Vineyard Text Audio
C1626 06/29/16 Matthew 20:17-28 Greatness and Preeminence in the Kingdom Text Audio
C1627 07/06/16 Matthew 20:29-21:11 The Triumphal Entry Text Audio
C1628 07/13/16 Matthew 21:12-22 The Rejection Text Audio
C1629 07/20/16 Matthew 21:23-32 Conflict in the Temple and the Parable of the Two Sons Text Audio
C1630 07/27/16 Matthew 21:33-46 The Parable of the Landowner Text Audio
C1631 08/03/16 Matthew 22:1-14 The Parable of the Wedding Feast Text Audio
C1632 08/10/16 Matthew 22:15-33 Jesus Silences the Herodians and Sadducees Text Audio
C1633 08/17/16 Matthew 22:34-46 Jesus Silences the Pharisees Text Audio
C1634 08/24/16 Matthew 23:1-12 The Hypocrisy of the Pharisees Text Audio
C1635 08/31/16 Matthew 23:13-36 The Seven Woes Text Audio


Matthew 23:29-39 The King's Lament Over Jerusalem Text Audio


Matthew 24-25 The Olivet Discourse Text Audio


Matthew 24:4-8 The First Half of the Tribulation Text Audio


Matthew 24:9-14 The Second Half of the Tribulation Text Audio


Matthew 24:15-22 The Sign of Great Tribulation Text Audio


Matthew 24:23-31 The Second Coming Text Audio


Matthew 24:32-41 The Parable of the Fig Tree Text Audio


Matthew 24:42-51 The Parable of the Two Servant Leaders Text Audio


Matthew 25:1-13 The Parable of the Ten Virgins Text Audio


Matthew 25:14-30 The Parable of the Talents Text Audio


Matthew 25:31-46 The Parable of the Sheep, Goats and Brethren Text Audio


Matthew 26:1-16 The Plot, the Preparation and the Pieces of Silver Text Audio


Matthew 26:17-25 The Last Passover Text Audio


Matthew 26:26-30 The Lord's Supper Text Audio


Matthew 26:31-46 Prediction of Denials and the Garden of Gethsemane Text Audio


Matthew 26:47-56 The Betrayal and Arrest Text Audio


Matthew 26:57-68 Jesus Before Annas and Caiaphas Text Audio


Matthew 26:69-75 Peter's Denials Text Audio


Matthew 27:1-10 Judas' Remorse Text Audio


Matthew 27:11-15 Before Pilate Text Audio


Matthew 27:15-31 Before Pilate a Second Time Text Audio


Matthew 27:32-44 The First Three Hours Text Audio


Matthew 27:45-56 The Last Three Hours Text Audio


Matthew 27:57-66 The Burial and Sealing Text Audio


Matthew 28:1-15 The Resurrection Text Audio


Matthew 28:16-20 The Great Commission Text Audio


Various The Richness of the Kingdom Text Audio



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